Zippo in 1989, dedicated to Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev meeting, $ 57.01

Sale price: $ 57.01
Lighter released in memory of the meeting Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev in 1989.

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  1. Cheeff (27.01.2009 15:10) ( Reply )

    Kind of like a hat sold for a hammer: # gallery

    1. kypexin (27.01.2009 15:43) ( Reply )

      Yeah, that this seller, in turn, buys here
      that, in general, one of the well-known "small businesses" - resale on lots with a hammer ebay

      1. Cheeff (27.01.2009 18:57) ( Reply )

        But the caveat is that there Reagan and Gorbachev, Bush and there is Gorbachev.Kak obyanit?

        1. kypexin (27.01.2009 19:03) ( Reply )

          Gorbachev led the Soviet Union and during the Reagan years, and during the Bush :) and they are two different lighters: :)

  2. Cheeff (27.01.2009 21:37) ( Reply )

    Confused by the seller at the Hammers writes that lighter stainless steel.
    I thought it only made of steel during the war.
    Currently, cigarette lighters made of brass (less copper). Inserts iron and this is understandable.
    Am I right?
    By the way a great theme for the article "Materials for Zippo" :)

    1. kypexin (27.01.2009 23:00) ( Reply )

      Right :) another way of making steel lighter in years 1950-53 , during the Korean War.
      A salesman probably does not understand the subject and just wrote from the bulldozer, do not believe everything they write :)

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