Zippo 1948 with a drunk, $ 202.50

Classic story - in the arms of a drunk lamppost :) It was one of the first images that appear on Zippo in early 1930, but later it is found very rare, so the price of the corresponding. A very nice copy!
Sale price: $ 202.50

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  1. solobok (27.04.2009 00:24) ( Reply )

    In Japanese replicas of 35th found a similar pattern, but it is made in a different way, only in black. And the new version pyanitsa like kind of "sweep", just leaning back against a lamppost.
    Interestingly sometimes fantasize about the first owner. In this example, the owner obviously liked to drink. Was not necessarily drunk, but he thought the drinks fixture male life. And if it was given to him? Also interesting. Could present as a kind of "appreciation" fellow-sitting at the bar. And she could, for example, and his wife, as a "subtle hint thick circumstances," they say, drink less, husband.

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