Military Zippo in 1943, $ 281.66

If this Zippo could talk ... However, even without this it tells us the whole story in his inscriptions. This Zippo in 1943, and on it are engraved the names of countries and years - most likely it is the country that was the owner at the time of the Second World War. Rather strong way he had to go: «United States - 1943, Scotland - 1943, France - 1944, Belgium - 1945, Holland - 1945, Germany - 1945, Panama - 1945, Philipines - 1945, United States - 1945." And after all this, we still do not know what happened to him until 1943! I think that set the value of such a thing is impossible in principle, and then, how much it is sold, largely conditioned kolelktsionnaya price. History can not be measured in dollars - it is invaluable.
Sale price: $ 281.66
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