Aluminium petrol lighter with the logo of Park Ernest Holmes

Another pleasant discovery: Lighter Park in a brand new condition, never fails to light, both directly from the store.

On closer examination reveals the following design features lighter:

  • Made of aluminum, very light hinge reinforced rivets.
  • Often the "Park" cover treated differently than body like this lighter. Sometimes it is a different color cover, looks unusual.
  • Pay attention to the design of the cover locking device - two plates, one on top and one on the insert. In my view, this design is more successful and reliable than the Zippo, it is practically not affected by breakdowns (and the old Zippo broken springs across the cover). Disadvantage of this design - with no characteristic opening click. None at all :) But maybe someone is just like it - the lid is opened very quietly, with barely perceptible click.
  • Total reserves in hand, a very pleasant experience, despite the ease of aluminum, there is no feeling of cheap things. But perhaps the attrition of aluminum from pulling the pockets will not look as noble as chromium and copper from Zippo.

UPDATE: Thanks to the curiosity respected botas, was excavated by the history of brand Ernest Holmes, which is represented by the lighter, and it was more than interesting! As it turned out, Ernest Holmes Sr. was neither more nor less - the inventor of the automobile truck!

American industry tractors born in 1916 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, when Ernest Holmes Sr. helped his friend to tow the car with the design of the circuit, the drum and the three bars on the frame of his Cadillac's 1913 release. A little later, Holmes received a patent for his invention and towing began to produce tractors and towing equipment that is sold to the owners of the garages.

Holmes grew up business with the automotive industry, and its products have gained a worldwide reputation for reliability and quality. When Holmes, Sr. died in 1943, it passed to his son, Ernest Holmes, Jr., who ran the company until svego retirement in 1973. Then the company was sold to the Corporation Dover, Holmes and his grandson, Gerald, founded his own company Century Wreckers. He built a factory in Tennessee and its products - hydraulic tractor units - more than successfully compete with his father and grandfather.


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  1. botas (24.08.2009 00:33) ( Reply )

    Beauty :)

    1. kypexin (08/24/2009 14:31) ( Reply )

      I did update, read it :)

  2. botas (25.08.2009 23:38) ( Reply )

    Excellent! How much to tell a little-known Park :)

  3. Buffalo66 (18.04.2010 14:12) ( Reply )

    Chic lighter. I would have bought it :)

    1. kypexin (18.04.2010 14:36) ( Reply )

      So make me an offer I can not refuse :)

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