The king and queen Sherman

In the history of lighters Park I mentioned models Storm King and Storm Queen, which were produced by Park Sherman. Presumably, they were published in 1950-1960-s and positioned, as the name implies, as paired male and female models. As soon as I came into possession of the two models, I immediately decided to make of them the royal couple.

Welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Sherman!

Storm Queen shorter:

Dressed modestly and not a king, in leather:

Stamps to look almost identical:

Pro inserts tell apart. Storm Queen - over about 10-15 years, it insert the size and shape of the windshield is the same as was on the lighter Park before World War II. Insert Storm King later, this was at the park with the 1960s and later. Pay attention to the labels on the various inserts, but in fact they produced the same company.

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  1. botas (29.09.2009 02:12) ( Reply )

    Wonderfully photographed insert - the inscription is very visible.
    And the interesting approach to creating Park'a lighters lady - Park left wide body but reduced height. Zippo Slim, on the contrary - there was one with a broad growth, "male" model, noticeably losing weight.
    Vladimir, and is known for a year of the launch of a series of Storm Queen?

    1. kypexin (six past six p.m. 29.09.2009) ( Reply )

      C years of production at the park all still quite vague. I can only really say about it is probably the beginning or middle of the 1950's - a form of windbreaks are borrowed from prewar park, and on later models this already then never was. But to date the Parks until just can not - they, unlike Zippo, there are no marks on the time of release. can only investigate mnogchislennye variety of inserts (I probably already saw pieces of 10 different options).

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