Zippo 1943 with a double stamp, $ 204.50

1943, double stamped on the bottom and the lid
Sale price: $ 204.50
Mysterious lighter with two stamps - at the bottom and on the cover! It is difficult to understand what is the history of the origin of such lighters, it may be a factory defect, and home-made, but in any case, it is curiosity. Strangely, there is no trace of black covering the body, although the rest of it is completely original lighter 1943-45 model years.

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  1. solobok (08.04.2009 02:19) ( Reply )

    Such "dvupopye" military occasionally occur, and it is unlikely that this alteration. It is suspected that during the war, the plant was the lack of spare parts, and part of the lower lids riveted parts. War, after all ... And then they got the idea to make "bottomz up"

    1. kypexin (08.04.2009 23:07) ( Reply )

      I would still suggest that this was done at the factory. I do not think that a lack of spare parts (cut off a half-cup, so that it became a cover quite laborious and conveying process would not fit), but rather an oversight or a joke working :)

  2. solobok (09.04.2009 00:29) ( Reply )

    I am sure that at the factory, because he saw "black krekl" with a sufficiently preserved coating, where the erased from the ends meet peeped two punch, and the paint on the rest of the body left no doubt that the two halves with a live birth lighters together. Such lighters, though not a lot, but not less than the erroneous patent stamp. If this is a joke, then, well, commonplace and popular at the time, the plant's workers. :)

  3. Golden-Joker (11.04.2009 19:32) ( Reply )

    be in charge of what that jolly good worker decided to make a joke! and now we sit and think about it and we thought we were not alone! and although it may be someone and did not finish or fail in the process, who knows, but what exactly difittsita nebylo, no sense in making from bottom to top. lizh is only a year ;)

  4. solobok (12.04.2009 19:39) ( Reply )

    As for the deficit - is another question, because the official historiography claims that during World plant switched entirely to the army service, generally not letting lighters for "civilian" sale. A shift to a "black" steel was due to the fact that the nickel, copper and brass - strategic metals, fully engaged in those years in military production. Despite the fact that America has not fallen a single bomb, we are now hard to imagine how the U.S. economy and the steel industry were subject to military production. I can not imagine how a particular month (and the month and then produced a lot lighter) suppliers have said are not yet, everything is going to, say, shipbuilding. A stock that several hundred of the lower parts and the zero point, zero of ten - caps. Distortions in the planning are everywhere. And within a month cap cut from the bottom. Not the best, but better than to stop the plant. One of my friends built a ranch in the United States in the late eighties porshlogo century, no war. Ran out of staples for zeroing the net to the fence posts. The man had left the brackets. Day there, two do not. My acquaintance gave the idea - nailed, biting hats and bending the style staples. So they did. It seemed better than sitting and waiting for staples. I repeat: in peace. And then the war. I did not say, but I do not think that option impossible. For a joke or an error of such military Zippo with two punches too big, and I was on Ebay last year saw about ten or more. And - please! - Either before or after the war, such options do not occur, except already Mention model "bottomz up", where such a changeling - chip design. ;)

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