Zippo 1938, $ 152.50

Well preserved specimen in 1938, and the price is quite modest.
Sale price: $ 152.50

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  1. solobok (08.04.2009 02:01) ( Reply )

    Strange insertion. Judging by the beveled "ushkam" fixing flint wheel and the number of holes in the chimney, insert after the war. On the near side no inscriptions, and pin "Clicks" mechanism - a dumbbell, then insert can be 50's at the earliest - late 40's. Sorry, can not see the back side of the insert, or the absence of inscriptions referring to judge better of the insert. On the "native" 38-year should not be any sort of label. In the picture is not very visible, but it seems that the pin flint wheel is not hollow, but solid. If so, then the wheel is clearly changing, and not until the 60s. If all my suspicions are well founded, the "non-native" insert fully explains the modest price. However, I am not an expert and do not claim ... But before the 16 hole chimney on Zippo 30's never met ... And canted mount wheels too. Is that some military men did a bevel manually. These "tuned" copies "black krekl" sometimes found in auctions. Because of this soldier tuning may result in the firm after the war and came to the idea to make a bevel on the wheel. The logic in this is - on it thumb glides better. Although I like it "closed" chimney 30's and 40's ... and the shape of the flame of a surprisingly beautiful, wedge ...

    1. kypexin (08.04.2009 23:03) ( Reply )

      Yes, you are right, by the pictures it is very difficult to understand how original insert, and very likely that he or later, and was in repair.

  2. Golden-Joker (11.04.2009 19:26) ( Reply )

    we can assume that $ 150 was purely for housing otdaty, nooo, I think the normal price

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