Zippo 1935 with a late insert, $ 350.00

Zippo 1935 with an external loop, but insert it later, the end of the 1940s, so the price is relatively low (but impressive nonetheless!).
Sale price: $ 350.00

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  1. solobok (27.04.2009 00:57) ( Reply )

    Myself working with housing nezamenennoy loop is, in theory, it is worth the money. Outwardly, at least, does not create an insert style "jumble" because the wheels and lugs the old model, and riveting hollow, door and windshield 14 hole. So, with this insert price actually modest. Most often, when the samples 30s replaced insert, he generally oblique new lugs on the wheel, and even windshield 16-hole, and solid riveting.

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